6 Women awarded for bringing change in society

Monday, 6 November, 2017

Inspiring women. With extraordinary power. Who stand up to violence

Who Face crime. Who empower other women from rural areas. Who do diplomacy. Who become a role model

Six “women silent heroes” were awarded with special recognition during the celebrations of United Nations Day in Albania. Hundreds of women in Albania, in silence, contribute to build a society with equal opportunities free from violence against women and girls, where women are empowered economically and have equal access to services, where human rights are upheld and dignity of men and women is respected. The six women who received awards have not generated headlines but they are change makers in the communities, workplace and society. From an entrepreneur working in rural areas, to an environmentalist working to protect mother earth, from a victim of violence to a women’s rights advocate, from a diplomat to a passionate fighter of drugs and crime- these women have been truly role models in their communities. Every day they contribute to change the society around them for the better and tackle issues at the heart of the public debate.

Watch VIDEO which brings these women in their daily activities: