Global Goals Week kicks off in Albania

Friday, 15 September, 2017

Tirana 16 September 2017: United Nations Agencies in Albania will celebrate the second anniversary of the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals with a week of action, awareness and accountability for sustainable development.

The Global Goals Week will take place across the country and will bring together individuals, local government, business, international organizations, civil society partners to showcase ideas, solutions, partnerships that raise awareness and encourage actions of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Activities in Albania:

16-17 September: Global Goals Jam: Design Tomorrow Now is a two-day Innovation Hackathon organized in partnership with Municipality of Tirana and Open Labs Albania. Participants include school students, hacktivists and civil society representatives. Hosted in Tirana, participants with focus on implementing innovative open source platforms for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.

19 September: Launching of a partnership with Sophie Caffe Chain in Tirana to raise awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals through their “Happy tickets”. Around 140.000 happy tickets to be distributed with Sophie Caffe clients over a 2 months’ period.

19-20 September- Elbasan- Innovation-key in the SDG achievement. A two-Day Hackathon with

participation of civil society organizations and Elbasan Youth to design quick win innovative solutions

with a long-term impact on the SDG achievements/ implementing innovative open source platforms for

the implementation of SDGs.

20 September: Town Hall: Elbasan 2030. The meeting will serve as a platform to exchange ideas, create partnerships, engage communities, build public support and drive actions for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals at local level. Participants include Elbasan Mayor, Municipal Council Members, civil society organizations, media.

20 September: Elbasan: World’s Largest Lesson in two public schools in Elbasan. This is an initiative that brings the Global Goals to young people and their teachers across the world. The event aims to make the Global Goals feel relevant to every child everywhere and inspire their support and action.

The Albanian Youth Network will organize a series of SDG awareness events in two regions of Albania involving students and civil society organizations.

The Global Goals have the potential to end poverty, inequality and climate change, but they are going to be accomplished if citizens raise their voices and remind their leaders to stick to their promises. We appeal to the public to help us tell everyone about the Global Goals and what they can do to make these dreams a reality.