Global Goals Week: a week of joint action to advance Global Goals in Albania

Thursday, 28 September, 2017

Global Goals Week in Albania  brought  together  school students, youth from across the country, local government, civil society and  business  to raise awareness, find solutions, build partnerships and drive concrete actions to achieve the Goals in Albania.

Brian Williams, UN Resident Coordinator in Albania said: “The Global Goals are applying to all nations, rich and poor. SDGs are important as they adhere to human rights principles.  They are about people and leaving no one behind. Our Programme of Cooperation for Sustainable Development with the Government of Albania is designed to help Albania drive the SDG Agenda ahead. Through the Global Goals Week, we wish to engage people, local govermment authorities, school students, civil society, private sector in a discussion about how to make the Global Goals a reality for People in Albania”.

The Global Goals Jam: ”Design Tomorrow Now” kicked off the Global Goals week. Organized in partnership with Tirana Municipality and Open Labs Albania, the two –day event,brought together young people from Tirana to design quick win sustainable solutions for Tirana citizens. Six prototypes were created including amongst others: “Bus Net”-an application aimed at informing Tirana citizens about public transportation routes, timing or delays “Air quality data gathering for Tirana citizens”- an application aiming to measure the air pollution in Tirana or “Ask Public Institutions”- an open source platform allowing citizens to ask questions and get feedback from public institutions.

A partnership was launched with Sophie Café, a chain – well-known coffee shops, with thirteen bars and approximately 10.000 consumers daily, to spread awareness and promote support for the Sustainable Development Goals known in Albania.

“Happy Tickets” or messages that accompany coffee servings,are the most successful forms of marketing at Sophie Café. ‘The happy tickets” branded with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals will be served to clients together with the coffee they order. Watch a video highlighting the partnership:

Elbasan 2030 was a marathon of events organized in Elbasan which served as a platform to exchange ideas, create partnerships, engage communities, build public support to drive actions for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals at local level.

A Town, Hall Elbasan 2030, brought together the Mayor of Elbasan, members of the municipal council, civil society, academia and media to discuss “localization” of the Sustainable Development Goals and the role that local governments can play to drive action for the SDG achievements at the local level.

Addressing the events the Mayor of Elbasan Qazim Sejdini underlined: “Sustainable Development Goals are a global agenda but they provide a very good framework for local development policy.We should focus our discussions on how to allocate budgets to achieve Global Goals at the local level and also build partnerships with private sector to drive progress in this regard”.

Birgitta Jansson, Director of Sida in Albania present at the event, shared good experiences on the work being done by Swedish Municipalities to implement SDGs at the local level.

School children of Elbasan and their teachers were introduced to the Global Goals through the World’s Largest Lesson. The event made Global Goals feel relevant to all participating school children and spurred discussions on what the Goals mean to them.

Bledar an 8 year old said: ”In my neighborhood we do not have bicycle lanes. Our parents do not let us play in the streets because they are scared of accidents since cars really drive at high speed. It is every child’s wish to have a Park to play”.

Sustainable Development Goal 5 -Gender Equality and empowerment of women brought together around one hundred secondary school students to speak about concrete actions to be taken to create equal opportunities for women and men.

Speaking at the event, the UN Women Representative Giuseppe Belsito underlined: “The best part of the Global Goals start with you. Individual actions matter. Think about concrete actions each and every one of you can take to create an equal world for women and men alike”.

Global Goals Week is a joint effort to optimize the impact of events and actions organized during the UN General Assembly week and to advance the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), also known as Global Goals.  Launched in 2016 by Project Everyone, United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Foundation, Global Goals Week brings people, governments, companies, international organizations from civil society and other partners together during the opening of the United Nations General Assembly which takes place in September each year, to continue driving and nurturing ideas to increase awareness and stimulate progress towards reaching global goals.