Friday, 9 June, 2017

The handover ceremony of HazMatID 360 equipment, a donation of the Export Control & Related Border Security (EXBS) Programme in the US Embassy in Tirana, officially marked the transfer of the much – needed equipment to the Port Control Unit operating at Durres Port. EXBS is a strong supporter of UNODC -WCO Container Control Programme in the last three years of its implementation in South Eastern Europe. The equipment worth 65.000 USD is the latest version of its portable and rugged HazMatID chemical identification system, which provides fast and comprehensive in-field analysis of unknown solids, gels and liquids (including illicit narcotics). 

At the ceremony, which was attended by the Deputy Director General of Customs Administration, Director of Border Police and Migration Department of Durres district, Head of Durres Customs, EXBS Advisor to Albania and UNODC officer, it was underlined that integrated border management remains a priority for Albania. Satisfaction was expressed over the increased coordination between border control entities in the country in the fight against drug trafficking.

It is expected that donation of this modern piece of equipment will enhance the performance of the PCU officers to an up-to-date level. It is a new and concrete step towards a more integrated approach in the common fight of the concerned law enforcement agencies. Training opportunities on the use of the equipment will be offered by UNODC-WCO so that to enhance officers` knowledge, minimize risks or mistakes, and help duty-specific skills, knowledge, and abilities.