Joint-Statement of United Nations Country Team in Albania on the Universal Periodic Review of Albania

Thursday, 19 September, 2019

42nd Session of the Human Rights Council

Agenda Item 6: Adoption of the final report on the
Universal Periodic Review of Albania

Geneva,  19 September 2019

Joint-Statement of the United Nations Country Team in Albania

The UNCT in Albania would like to welcome the report and the recommendations of the working group on the Universal Periodic Review, and congratulate the Government of Albania for its advances on human rights. Over recent years, Albania has made significant efforts with new or consolidated policies and legislation in areas including LBGTI, children, youth, minorities, including Roma and Egyptians, persons with disabilities, asylum and migration and to reduce the risk of statelessness among groups at risk. Efforts should also be highlighted with regards to women's rights, gender equality and gender-responsive budgeting and the National Strategy for Gender Equality (2016-2020). The UNCT encourages intensified implementation of policies to address all forms of violence against women and girls, noting the persistence of barriers to equal access in education, healthcare and public services for vulnerable groups.

The UNCT would also like to take this opportunity to welcome the comprehensive and thorough justice reform. The UNCT encourages the rapid establishment of the new justice system structures quickly, enabling them to function effectively and independently, and to ensure equitable access to justice for vulnerable groups.

Finally, the UNCT would like to emphasize the following additional points: first, the necessity to ensure the independence of media as a cornerstone of democracy; second, the importance to provide the Ombudsperson offices with adequate financial resources, and; third, the need to increase attention to environmental rights.

The UNCT remains fully committed to continuing to provide technical support towards this endeavour.