Synergies with EU accession and smart investments can accelerate achievement of Agenda2030 in Albania

Wednesday, 19 September, 2018

Accession to the European Union, an over-arching development priority for Albania is in full synergy with the country’s efforts to achieve the Agenda 2030, and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – highlights the Mainstreaming, Acceleration, Policy Support(MAPS) Report launched today by the Government of Albania in partnership with UN and other international development partners.

The report launched today identifies three broad policy and programming platforms for accelerating progress towards EU accession and achieving the SDGs: (i) governance reform, human rights, and the rule of law; (ii) the inclusive green economy; and (iii) investment in social and human capital. These accelerator platforms reflect Albania’s development and partnership priorities.

This Report was developed by a multi-disciplinary team composed of high level regional experts from diverse UN Agencies in partnership with the EU Delegation and the World Bank following a one week in-country mission. To come up with the Report, the Mission combined broad consultations involving the highest government officials, Members of Parliament, United Nations Country Team, national and international development partners, civil society, academia and private sector.

The Report underlines progress in the SDG achievement in Albania, including challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Findings of the report, were discussed with high level government representatives, civil society organizations, international development partners, private sector. Participants underlined the need to strengthen data monitoring and reporting, establish strong SDG monitoring systems, including identification of a strategic Vizion 2030, further financing for SDGs as well as stronger advocacy from all layers of society- to push the SDG Agenda forward.

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