Strengthening Albania’s capacities to develop strong and prosperous societies requires cooperation among a large network of partners – that is why partnership is at the center of all UN work. We actively promote a range of development partnerships with all stakeholders, both national and international, working together in all phases of the development chain from programme design, through implementation, review and revision, to impact assessment and the formulation of new interventions.

 The Government of Albania is UN’s lead partner and client. UN supports the Government and people of Albania through implementation of initiatives that translate UN and EU norms and principles into day to day lives of the men and women of Albania.The United Nations works with the Government of Albania at both central and local levels. At the central level the partnership includes the Office of the Prime Minister and the President as well as line ministries, Parliament, and other state agencies. Work at the local level is undertaken with regional and municipal authorities.

The UN uses its global presence to bring together partners from many different backgrounds to share expertise and explore joint ventures.In addition to government, UN agencies work closely with the private sector, civil society, academia and the media.

The private sector is playing an increasing role in UN programmes and projects. By seeking innovative public-private solutions, the UN looks to match company interests with country priorities and appropriate development partners. The private sector can provide direct opportunities to create unemployment and develop local industries.

The UN has a close partnership with civil society organizations (CSOs) given their prominent role in helping to shape poverty reduction policies and in delivering projects on the ground. The UN is working with the government and civil society organizations to help connect grassroots and citizens’ groups and other stakeholders around common development concerns – by including civil society participation in national and local policy processes.

The media has an irreplaceable role in sharing information, encouraging debate and delivering messages to the general public. Therefore, the UN makes a special effort to involve the media in its work – in awareness campaigns, and in providing opportunities to discuss development issues such as the human development approach, the environment, security, gender equality, and many others. Discussions tend to focus on how to make development issues part of daily reporting, and have included both journalists and editors-in-chief. A United Nations Press Club has also been established in Albania and several media development projects have been implemented.

In Albania, the UN works closely with academia and development thinkers by involving them in key programme interventions.

Development Partners

Partnership between the Government of Albania, development partners and the United Nations is of pivotal importance to deliver concrete results for the Albanian people. The Programme of Cooperation for Sustainable Development  is supported by multilateral and bilateral development organizations.

Partners who support ongoing or recent UN programmes and projects in Albania: