Improving coverage and management effectiveness of marine and coastal protected areas

Implementing UN Agency:  UNDP

Project Start/End Dates: 2010 - 2016

Brief Project Description

The long term goal of the project is to secure the long-term protection of Albania’s unique coastal and marine biodiversity for current and future generations. The immediate objective is to improve the coverage and management effectiveness of Albania’s network of marine and coastal protected areas as an essential complement to its network of terrestrial PAs. The project will remove systemic, regulatory and knowledge barriers to realizing this objective. The objective will be achieved through two outcomes: i) Improved bio-geographical representation of marine and coastal protected areas (MCPA), and ii) Improved management arrangements for MCPAs, clarifying institutional settings and capacity building. The immediate global biodiversity benefits include expanded protection coverage (by at least 13,000 ha) for unique marine, lagoon, wetland, and cape habitats hosting critically endangered, threatened and near-threatened species such as Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles, Mediterranean seal, Dalmatian pelican, threatened birds-of-prey and fish species, corals, sponges, sea-grasses and other important habitats and species.

Project Financial Partners:

Total budget                             US$ 2,927,500

Partner managed

  • MoE                                  US$ 1,577,500

UNDP managed

  • GEF                                     US$ 950,000
  • UNDP                                  US$ 100,000
  • MoE                                     US$ 300,000

Name PoCSD Outcome that this project falls under:
Outcome 3 -  Policies developed and implemented that support the achievements of the MDGs

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