Promoting Gender Responsive Policies in South East Europe

Implementing UN Agency: UN Women (Albania, BiH, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey)

Project Start/End Dates: February 2017- January 2019

Brief Project Description:

The proposed intervention is designed to support governments in targeted countries to promote gender responsive fiscal laws, policies and national action plans and enable specific budgetary allocations for gender equality, as well as empower gender advocates and MPs to demand accountability from national and local governments on policies and budgetary allocations for GEWE.

At the national level, in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, and Republic of Moldova, the project targets public officials, with Ministries of Finance and Gender Equality Machineries as key partners. At the local level, local administration and local councilors will directly benefit from the intervention. Experts, women’s groups and civil society organizations, academia and practitioners in public finance and public policies will also be targeted. At the regional level, the project targets the Network of Associations of Local Authorities in Southeast Europe (NALAS) and Centre for Excellence in Finance (CEF).

Direct beneficiaries of the project are 500 public officials and members of parliaments, 800 municipal staff and city councilors at the local level, 30 CSO representatives and experts, 420 students in universities and 7,000 women and men in target municipalities.

In Albania, the project aims: (i) to build capacities of public officials at central and local government to apply gender responsive budgeting in public finance management; (ii) government institutions prioritize budgetary allocations for gender equality through participatory processes and improve public transparency of policies and budgets; (iii) gender advocates regularly monitor government’s expenditures and commitments to gender equality and women’s empowerment using GRB tools.

The project in Albania will be implemented in collaboration with Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, Ministry of Finance and local Government. Dedicated partnership with Albanian civil society organizations shall lead to strengthened CSOs, actively participate in participatory planning and budgeting of services and seek accountability from governments to public expenditures, advocate for effective prioritization of gender equality related allocations implementation and reporting.

Project Financial Partners: Austrian Development Cooperation, and Swiss Development Cooperation.

Name PoCSD Outcome that this project falls under:

The Project contributes to the Government of Albania-UN PoCSD, 2017-2021: Outcome 1: Governance and Rule of Law (State and civil society organizations perform effectively and with accountability for consolidated democracy in line with international norms and standards. Output 1.3 Local Governance, and Output 1.5 Mainstreaming Gender and Gender Responsive Budgeting

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