Promoting Sustainable Land Management In Albania Through Integrated Restoration Of Ecosystems

Implementing UN Agency: UN Environment

Project Start/End Dates: 2017/2018

Brief Project Description:

Land degradation is a significant threat to Albania’s socio-economic and environmental wellbeing. The project is therefore designed to support the widespread adoption of Sustainable Land Management (SLM) activities in the country and will support the achievement of SDG15: Life on Land.

The project will support integrated landscape management planning that balances development needs and environmental services, strengthen and harmonize legal and policy frameworks for land and resource management, build capacity and coordination to undertake SLM practices, and increase public awareness on land degradation threats.

On the ground, the work will involve examples of integrated land use planning and ecosystem restoration approaches that further SLM goals and showcase the project so that it can be replicated further.

Project Financial Partners: Global Environment Fund (US$ 867,580)
Name PoCSD Outcome that this project falls under: Environment & Climate Change
Project web-link, if available: