One UN Annual Report 2010

15 January, 2011

In 2010, the eff orts of the Government, the UN team and international partners to lay the foundations for a new way of working together have continued to show concrete results, including increased alignment with national priorities, joint programming, effi ciency gains and cost-savings. Systems and mechanisms to support Delivering as One, such as the One Programme, One Fund and One Budgetary Framework are now fully operational, providing a clear overview of the UN’s work in Albania serving to increase national ownership

Covering approximately 85 percent of the UN’s work in Albania, the One UN Programme now brings together the expertise of fourteen participating Agencies, Funds and Programmes. Combining specifi c interventions of individual UN Agencies and targeted interventions through Joint Programmes, the One UN Programme is well on track. In 2010, the UN delivered approximately USD 23 million under the One UN Programme.

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