UN Annual Progress Report 2012 - ENG

16 January, 2013

As the Co-Chairs of the Joint Executive Committee, we are very pleased to introduce the 2012 Annual Progress Report for the Government of Albania – United Nations Programme of Cooperation 2012-2016. Signed on the occasion of United Nations day on 24 October 2011, the Programme of Cooperation is the overarching programme document for 19 United Nations agencies, funds and programmes and the International Organisation for Migration. The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of progress made towards the results articulated in our Programme of Cooperation and to inform all stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries, about key achievements of the first year of implementation.

The Programme of Cooperation articulates the UN contribution to Albania’s national priorities in areas such as governance, rule of law, economy, environment, regional and local development and inclusive social policy with an estimated five-year budget of approximately USD 130 million. A unique set of integrated management arrangements brings together senior representatives of both Government and the participating UN agencies driving national leadership and results orientation to the heart of all our work. These arrangements also facilitate participatory decision-making, simplified planning and reporting requirements, and enhance programmatic synergies as this report will further describe in the upcoming chapters.

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