Joint Work Plan and Activities

Joint Work Plan 2017-2018 - Outcome 3 Economic Growth, Labour and Agriculture

Joint Work Plan 2018-2019 - Outcome 3 Economic Growth, Labour and Agriculture

Joint Work Plan 2019-2020 - Outcome 3 Economic Growth, Labour and Agriculture

The Government of Albania and United Nations Programme of Cooperation for Sustainable Development 2017-2021 identifies four major outcomes that respond to priorities that are aligned with the NSDI 2015-2020 and Sustainable Development Goals. Each Outcome is assigned to a Result Group (Outcome Group) providing oversight and support for planning, monitoring and evaluation for results-based management and performance-based funding.

Outcome Groups advise the Joint Executive Committee and UN Country Team, as appropriate, on opportunities and challenges linked to the implementation of the Programme of Cooperation for Sustainable Development 2017-2021. Outcome Groups are responsible for operationalizing the Programme through development and oversight of 2-year rolling Outcome Joint Work plans. The Joint Work Plans describe the specific joint results to be achieved - both at the outcome and output level- and form an agreement between the UN system agencies and Government on the use of resources.   Outcome Groups are positioned within the existing national coordination architecture – Integrated Policy Management Groups - to maximize coordination and minimize additional transaction costs. Each Outcome Group is led by the Outcome Co-Chairs, namely Chair of the relevant Integrated Policy Management Group and one or two UN Heads of Agencies.  Outcome Groups bring together Government, UN and development partners in their deliberations.

Each Outcome Group is comprised by UN Output Working Groups with the participation of the government and development partners that contribute to the specific outcome. At the technical level, under the leadership of the Outcome Co-Chairs, the Output Working Groups prepare, implement and monitor the Joint Work Plans.

Projects & Activities for Economic Growth, Labour and Agriculture

Project Title: Cultivation of Autochthonous Seeds by Small Farmers in Tirana Rural Areas

Implementing UN Agency(ies): United Nations Food...

Implementing UN Agency(ies): UN-Women

Project Start/End Dates: 2012-ongoing

Brief Project Description:

Women Economic...

Project Title: TCP/ALB/3606 “Building MARDWA administrative capacities for technical negotiations with European Union in agriculture and rural development...