Financial Overview

This section provides an overview of the financial resources required, available and projected to be available/ mobilized, for the delivery of outputs (and activities, when applicable) defined in the Joint Work Plans per each Outcome of the Government of Albania and United Nations Programme of Cooperation for Sustainable Development 2017-2021.

An estimated available budget of USD 20 million is planned for the implementation of UN initiatives in support of the country’s priorities in 2017. In addition, UN agencies will engage in the mobilization of another USD 14 million through the support of partners in the country – government and other partners.

Meanwhile, the full PoCSD 2017-2021 implementation requires USD 108 million worth of technical assistance and investments over five years, using core resources from the global UN system but also drawing on local financial support from development partners and the government.

For detailed information on the breakdown of funds per outcome, please see information on the Joint Work Plans.

Financial Information 2017 - Outcome 4 Environment and Climate Change