Delivering as One in Albania

The Delivering as One UN initiative is a response to the request of UN Member States that the UN development system accelerates efforts to increase coherence and effectiveness of its operations at country level.

Following a request from the Albanian Government to the United Nations, Albania was selected as one of eight countries around the world to pilot UN efforts to Deliver as One UN in January 2007.

Albania’s request to participate as a One UN Pilot country demonstrated its long-standing, strong commitment to UN reform. The Government’s on-going reforms place great emphasis on the coordination and alignment of external assistance and integrating national planning and resource allocation. The One UN pilot falls very much within this broader national effort.

The One UN concept builds on the existing reform agenda set by UN member states, which asked the UN to accelerate its efforts to increase the coherence and effectiveness of its operations in the field. Four key elements elements:  One UN Programme, One Budgetary Framework, One Leader and One Office. In each case, the basic reform model is being adapted to the unique country context, and together pilot countries are testing out ways in which the UN family – with its many and diverse agencies can deliver in a more harmonized and cost-effective manner at the country level.