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Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals concern a universal agenda to leave no-one behind. All 193 members of the UN have signed up to these Goals, but their achievement depends on more than just governments and the United Nations. The UN in Albania works with government, civil society, academia and business to implement Agenda 2030.

There are several ways for you to get involved with the SDGs, through projects, advocacy, financial contributions or adapting the way your organization operates.  Achieving SDGs in only possible with people’s participation. You want to get involved? See how:

#1 Get Educated

Even though the SDGs have been live for three  years, people still do not have  a clear understanding of what they are. However, far fewer actually understand what they can do to help us reach the SDGs. You have seen the Goals. It is now  important to understand why each one matters to you and the world. Learning about the Sustainable Development Goals is pretty simple. This  video from the United Nations explains them all in simple details.

#2 Educate Your Colleagues, friends and family on the Global Goals

Just talk about the goals. Share #1 above with friends, family members, your office, and your social networks.. Knowing about them is the start of the movement.

#3 Change Your Mindset

Before you can create any change in the world, you must first change the way you look at the world. Part of changing your mindset means realizing that the SDGs matter to all of us. Rather than treating them as an abstract concept, it is important to remember that these goals affect everyone.

3.# Explore The Realities of the Global Goals, and What They Mean for you, your community, your country

While the goals are made to sound simple, they are radically complex. Or rather, achieving them is radically complex. Take 14 min to watch this incredible informative TED Talk highlighting what it will really take to reach the Global Goals.

#4 Live Conscientiously

Be a conscious citizen and a conscious consumer instead. 

Do less harm:

  1. From your house: recycle used paper and plastic products and compost your food scraps.
  2. From your neighborhood: Be social and carpool, walk to nearby locations or take public transportation for shorter trips.

Do more good:

  1. Pick a cause you’re passionate about and work on it.
  2. Find out what issues your local community is struggling with and give your time to help inspire positive change.

#5.Contact us

UN is working with youth and people from all walks of life to make SDGS famous in Albania and inspire actions. If you want to partner with the UN in Albania to help achieve the SDGs, please contact us: +355 (0) 42246619
Contact us on Twiter:  @UN_Albania 

Take a moment to watch this short video for SDGs by the United Nations


Civil society organizations/academia


Partnering with Private sector

The SDGs represent an ambitious development agenda for the people and the planet. This level of ambition needs to be matched with the needed resources, innovation capacity and partnerships to drive implementation. Private sector plays an indispensable role. UN -Albania has partnered with a number of private sector entities to raise awareness inform and engage Albanian people on the range of critical issues that SDGs address.

Partnership with AGNA Group-Albania

United Nations and AGNA Group announce partnership to raise awareness and drive actions in support of Goal 3: Good health and wellbeing.

UN and AGNA group will work to bring SDGs closer to every home through their ‘Spring’ water which is distributed widely all over Albania in minimarkets, supermarkets, institutions, private businesses and more. 20 Million water bottles have been labeled with Sustainable Development Goal 3 icon: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Partnership with CiNEPLEXX  
and Millennium Cinema networks

Partnership with Sophie Caffe Chain in Tirana

Partnership with Telekom-Albania

UN and Telekom are joining efforts to bring SDGs closer to students, teachers, businesses, to the academic world and to communities at large. LINK for more info.