Monday, 24 October, 2016

24 October 2016: The Government of Albania in partnership with the United Nations system presented today: ”The Government of Albania- United Nations Programme of Cooperation for Sustainable Development 2017-2021”

The Programe was signed by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania Niko Peleshi and the United Nations Resident Coordinator Brian Williams.
The new Programme builds on 25 years of successful partnership, and customizes UN support towards the country`s priorities, namely achieving EU Integration and taking long strides during the next five years towards the global Agenda 2030, known as the Sustainable Development Goals. 
The UN system in Albania – consisting of eight resident agencies and 9 non-resident agencies – will provide its support around four pillars:
1) Governance and the rule of law: UN`s work in this area will reinforce the work of constitutional and independent oversight mechanisms strengthen public administration and capacities of local government units, support modernization of public service delivery, improve quality of data, and support migration policies. 
2) Social Cohesion: UN`s work in this area will support reforms in the areas of health, education and social protection systems, strengthen child protection, support institutional response to child violence and abuse, promote changes in social and child protection laws etc.
3) Economic Growth, labor and agriculture: UN`s work will go towards improving governance of the labor market, enhance the employability of youth, women and other vulnerable groups, improve access to adequate housing for the vulnerable groups, enhance agricultural production and support development of value chains. Support will also go to strengthening capacities for sustainable rural development.
4) Environment and Climate Change: UN`s work in this area will support the implementation of environmental policies and sustainable use of natural resources, support management of protected areas and biosphere reserves, scale up action on climate change, adaptation and mitigation, improve innovative technologies for renewable energy etc.
Across all four pillars and in all activities, the UN and Government will seek to empower women and promote gender equality. 
The Programme was developed jointly with the Government of Albania, civil society, private sector and development partners through a consultative process that started with a thorough evaluation in 2015 of the ongoing programme. Recognizing Albania`s leadership role in supporting UN reform, the new programme will be the third to use the “Delivering as One” approach, now accepted as the standard operating procedure for the UN`s work in all countries. 
In total, the programme aims to deliver $108 million worth of technical assistance and investments over five years, using core resources from the global UN system but also drawing on local financial support from development partners and Government. 
The Deputy Prime Minister Peleshi highlighted:”
In his statement, the UN Resident Coordinator Mr. Williams noted: “What is special about this programme is its focus on evidence collection and results at a more local level. There are 61 new municipalities in Albania, a result of a deep and courageous reform. Now we need to see real services delivered by accountable governments at that level, to make that reform come to life.” 
Cabinet Ministers, Representatives of UN agencies, national and international development partners, and civil society organizations attended the ceremony.

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