One Programme

On 24 October 2016, the Government of Albania and UN Agencies, funds and programmes signed the Programme of Cooperation for Sustainable Development 2017-2021.
The Programme combines the expertise of seventeen UN Agencies with increased synergies, efficiency and effectiveness, to enhance their contributions to Albania`s development, achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and EU Integration Agenda.
The Government of the Republic of Albania and the United Nations are committed to working together to achieve the country`s national vision of “a vibrant democracy on the path to integration with the European Union, with a competitive, stable and sustainable economy, with guarantees of fundamental human rights and liberties”.

This Government of Albania- UN Programme of Cooperation for Sustainable Development is a framework that will guide the work of the Albanian Government, the UN Country Team and their partnerships until 2021. This framework builds on the successes of the previous Programme of Cooperation and continues the Delivering-as-One approach. It bolsters the strong relationships between the partners to work in concert to achieve national strategic priorities, the Sustainable Development Goals and the country`s human rights commitments and other internationally agreed development goals and treaty obligations.